Rules & Regulations

Guidelines for Students

  • Be regular, punctual and disciplined in his/her work.
  • Attend all school functions, unit tests and exams.
  • Bring school diary daily and record his/her work
  • Submit class and home work regularly for corrections.
  • Take part in games and sports unless exempted on medical grounds.
  • Uniform is compulsory during school hours and for all school functions, including all such instances where students are representing the school outside
  • Uniform must always be neat and clean
  • Non-Sikh boys should get their hair cut at regular intervals and ensure the hair remain comb and tidy.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any weapon or sharp instrument such as blade, knife, and scissor to the school.
  • Damaging or disfiguring any school property may result in expulsion from the school.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing any publication, reference book, CD or any other storage device like pen drive or i-pods that are not relevant to the academic pursuits.
  • Bringing cell phones or camera to school is strictly forbidden.
  • In the interest of their own security students are advised not to buy or receive any article, gift or food stuff at all enroute.
  • Exploding cracker on any occasion or splashing colour during Holi in school premises or school buses is strictly forbidden.
  • It is mandatory for all the students unless instructed otherwise, to be present for festivals, and functions celebrated in and outside the school.
  • Girls with long hair must plait their hair.
  • Black hairband must worn by girl students in school campus and outside school campus while representing school.
  • Colouring and bleaching of hair is not permitted.

Guidelines for parents

  • Share their concern and apprehensions with the respective area co-ordinators
  • Always take a prior appointment before meeting teachers.
  • Check the diary daily for routine communication, sign their relevant pages and help the child to complete the homework.
  • Work in close co-ordination with the school co-ordinators.
  • Discourage the child from breaking the school rules.
  • Play an important role in upbringing of your ward.
  • Provide correct address, phone number, health records etc.
  • Attend all functions of school.
  • Pay the fees on time for smooth functioning of accounts department.
  • Share their resources, time and expertise with the school.
  • Review the copies after the corrections are done.
  • Get leaves sanctioned in advance through the diary.
  • As the medium of instruction in our school is English, a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home, reading of Englsh newspaper, books, magazine and watching to programmes in Englsigh should be encouraged.
  • Use of mobile phones in the school is prohibited. If found will be confiscated permanently.
  • Self driven vehicles are not allowed in school. If required undertaking must be submitted by parents with a bearing license copy of the student.

Transport Facilities

  • The transport facility is available to all the students. There are 10 buses which ply to and form every part of Gandhidham, Adipur and Anjar.

Transport Rules:-

  • Students should board and get down only at the respective stop assigned to them.
  • Students must maintain discipline and decorum in the school bus. Any students indulging in any fight or hard using abusive language will be denied access to bus facilities.
  • Students must be seated in the bus before bus starts. They must not board a moving bus.
  • Avoid unruly behaviour like shouting, throwing things etc. Which May distract the driver.
  • Students should refrain from defacing any property of the bus.
  • Prior written permission should be sought if a student wishes to travel by another route for a particular reason.
  • The permission should be duly approved and signed by the principal and submitted for records to the respective class teacher.

Withdrawal of Admission:

  • No leaving certificate (LC) will be issued unless applied for in the proper form by the parents or guardian in writing and after all the does have been paid.
  • If any student wants to leave school in – between the session, he/she will have to pay minimum term fee and cost of notebooks, text books, uniform and stationery.
  • No L.C. will be granted until the fees account of student is clear in all respects.
  • If LC is not asked within one year, a fee of Rs 100/- will be charged for each month. Duplicate Certificate will be issued only when the application is supported by affidavit starting reasons for losing original L.C.

Leaving Certificate Rules:

  • If parents submit the application by April 1,then only cost of text books, note books and uniform will be charged. ( As the school purchase all items in advance)
  • If applied between April 1 to April 30, then 1 month fees plus cost of uniform, text books, notebooks will be charged.
  • If applied between May 1 to June 31, then quarterly fee plus cost of uniform, textbooks, notebooks will be charged.
  • If applied between July 1 to September 30, then quarterly fee plus cost of uniform, textbooks, notebooks will be charged.
  • If applied after September 30, then full fees of Term-1 plus cost of uniform, textbooks, notebooks will be charged.